Amateur Sex Is Back and Better than Ever

The proliferation of internet devices has created a subculture that almost exclusively features amateur sex. These devices range from tablets and smart TVs to laptops and cell phones. Years ago, the local porn store was the only place to go to see pornography, and could come across as creepy, usually a little grimy, and expensive. Now, you can view millions of clips, gifts, and homemade amateur movies from the privacy of your own home, instantaneously. This freedom has created some niche genres in the classic dirty movie category that simply were not available in years past. Not only practically anybody with a cell phone have the ability to search for and view these videos, but they also have all the tools required to record, edit, and produce the videos themselves. Amateur video are now more professional looking, more accessible, and consequently, more popular than ever before.

In today’s society, anyone can create a product that can be viewed by an untold amount of people, and this ability has created the need to make your amateur video stand out from the crowd. There are a number of categories and fetishes created by this new wave, some of which include revenge porn, in which supposedly “leaked” videos are released against the person’s will, which is never the case, and sometimes is an attempt to pass off a legitimate, professional film as amateur, as well as casting couch auditions, bus, and “random man” plot-lines. These films are considered amateur not only because of their look and feel, but also because they are made on a non-existent budget. Regardless, they are what a segment of the pornography viewing population is clamoring for now.

There are also some fairly well known social media “performers” that have drastically increased their public persona through the use of websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, which allow the viewer to become aware and interested in them, and therefore be more interested in any and all products that they provide, including videos and pictures. This new social media aspect of the industry has allowed cam girls to become a worldwide phenomenon that anyone with a camera and internet can participate in and profit from, without ever having to interact with a client. There is no middleman in these operations, and the performers can set everything up through a social media account, which is how a majority of them accomplish the bulk of their advertising as well.

It is a new day with new rules; amateur sex is back in a big way, and it seem to be here for the long haul.