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Once in my life, I never expected to have a comfortable and satisfying experience. After all, I dream to have a good life. Even on my bad days, I still managed to smile and continue with my work. We are just a simple family, my parents are only a factory worker, but it does not mean I have to stop dreaming too. It adds to my urge to need to finish my education. I know how much knowledge can help people to have a good life, its a start of everything. I am fond of reading articles about people overcome poverty; I salute them.


My inspiration, for now, is family, I think that studies and love life won’t work together. And perhaps, I have no time for it since I usually used my free time either studying or helping my parents. I started to work young, even though my parents don’t want it. They have tried their best to give my needs. I know how much sacrificed they had put in, and don’t want to abuse it. I told them that I decide to work since I can use it for my future needs. I have insisted on it because I want to lighten their burdens in life. I still have younger siblings, and they need more attention than me. I know I can handle myself. I do believe that sacrifices lead to beautiful destinations. And every struggle has ended, just like a storm, it will pass through, and you will see a rainbow after it. So, no matter what happened I need to be strong and focus on life. I know someday I will reach my dreams and could help my family.


I have this mindset that my parents are growing old, and I want to spend their little time on earth with happiness and love. I want to give them a better life and all the joys in the world. I hate to regret, and family is one of our treasures in life. And we have to take good care of it. And because of my hard work and determination in life, I have moved forward and graduated. I finish my education, and that is the best gift I could ever give to my parents. Years passed, our life changed slowly, I also built my own business and managed it. I have an event in Gatwick and book a Gatwick escort from https://charlotteaction.org/gatwick-escorts/ with me. And I am not wrong about it, Gatwick escort is very professional and well-mannered. I am amazed by their intelligence and wisdom in life. It’s very entertaining and worth to book. I enjoyed my time with her and did not regret to book a Gatwick escort.