I don’t want her to go….

I love my sexy friend from Chelmsford escorts, and when our date is over, I never want her to go. What can I do? I have been thinking about telling her, but the problem is that she is a lot younger than I am, and I am not sure that she would like to spend with a guy like me. I have never asked her what she does when she is not dating for Chelmsford escorts, and I guess really should make an effort to get to know her a little bit better.

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Dating outcall escorts is something rather new to me. I never used to date escorts until my marriage broke up, and I must admit that dating escorts has been a really good thing for me. I have enjoyed the sexy companionship from my girl from Chelmsford escorts, but I do feel that I would like to get something more out of the relationship. Would I like it to be a long term relationship? Yes, I would like it to be a long term relationship.

Recently we have been spending a lot of time talking, and I do feel that I know my girl a little better. She seems to like to go shopping, but I guess most women and girls like to go shopping. I also know that she likes to draw and paint, and I guess that surprised me some what. It is not really the sort of thing which I had associated with a girl from Chelmsford escorts, but I guess that we are all different. It is actually one of the things which endear her to me, and I feel that she is a real person.

Do I spoil my favorite girl? I never thought about spoiling her, but it has just happened. I travel rather a lot, and when I am abroad, I do pick up a lot of presents for her. Some of them have been rather expensive, and she seems to have really appreciated them. I like her to think that we have a special relationship going, and that is why I pick up special presents for her. She says that none of the other gents she meets on behalf of Chelmsford escorts spoils her that much, and that she loves me for spoiling her.

But the problems still remains the same… when she leaves I feel that my home is completely empty again, and I do feel lonely. I wish that my sexy friend from Chelmsford escorts would be able to stay for a little bit longer, or just stay altogether. Yes, she is a great looking girl, but there is a lot more to our relationship than just adult fun. At least that is the way I feel. Does she feel the same way? I am not sure that she does, and I will admit that I am even a little bit afraid to find out how she really feels about our relationship. Does she love me, or am I just a silly guy with a crush on a young girl?