Confessions of a Swedish London Escort

How do you seduce the man you really want in your life? Once you have found the man you want, it is a matter of hanging on to him. When I left Sweden and joined London escorts, it did not take me long to realise that rather a few London escorts were not so skilled at the art of erotic seduction. The thing is that you don’t need to be crude to seduce a man in an erotic kind of way. I bumped into plenty of London escorts who thought that the art of seduction was all about talking dirty, and being provocative.

Of course, you should be a little bit provocative, but most gentlemen do appreciate a little bit of sensuality, and some London escorts that I met, really seemed to miss that point when it came to making their regular London escorts gentlemen happy. Instead of just pointing it out to them, I started to tell them what I had enjoyed doing with my lovers the night before. Don’t worry you can throw in some fun if you like.

Surprising my lovers is one of the things that I like to do, and I think that many mature escorts do not realise how seductive men find being surprised can be. Actually, I find that men love being surprised, and so far, I have not one single gentleman at London escorts, who have not appreciated being surprised. One of my favorite surprises, is to take a shower, and slip into a sexy dressing gown before my lover comes home. When he comes in through the door, I call him and say that I am all wet and need a hand.

All of my lovers seem to love that, and I am sure plenty of gentlemen who I meet at London escorts, would not be able to resist neither. However, for the moment, this is something I keep reserved for my personal lovers. I love lying on the bed, slightly hot and wet from the shower, and asking my lovers to help me drive myself. First, I let them dry me with a towel and then I tell them they need to warm me up because I am getting a little bit cold. There is a secret to warming me up, and it may even evolve some handling of my most precious parts.

Afterwards, I treat my lover to his favorite treat. This is all about making the most of the evening. First the little surprise, and then the treat which is just for him. We all like to have our fantasies fulfilled and so far, I have not met a guy who did not appreciate my art of seduction. Just like at London escorts, I like to make sure that my lovers are happy and have a chance to fulfill their fantasies. Once you have done that, you have mastered the secret to seduce the man you want. Let his fantasies speak to you, and make yourself part of them. That is the best way to hang on to your man for life.

Should I Make a Sex Movie

I don’t want to be stuck working for Notting Hill escorts forever, and it would be nice to move on to do something else. My new job does not have to be full-time as working for Notting Hill escorts really works for me, so I would not mind carrying on working for the escort agency on a part time basis. I love escorting, but at the same time, I would like to expand my horizons.

blondes of notting hill escort

Before I got into escorting, I used to work in a sex shop, and I know that a lot of gents out there are still really into porn movies. Yes, it is popular to watch them online, and of course I could start by uploading some online content. However, one of the girls I used to work with at another escort agency, started to make her own sex movies and was soon selling them on her own site. I would just love to do that, and as I am a geeky when I am not at Notting Hill escorts, I could easily set up my own site.

The only concern I have would that the boss of Notting Hill escorts may not approve of what I am doing. Sure, there are plenty of guys who would like to date porn stars, but would my boss want to see me in the movies. He may think that it gives the wrong impression of the escort agency, and of the services we provide at the escort agency. But I have this feeling that he will not mind at all as it could potentially promote the agency.

A couple of the other girls at Notting Hill escorts are interested in helping out, and I think that there are few secret porn stars here at the agency. We would have to come up with some way of sharing the income from the movie. The other thing that we would need be a couple o really hot guys, and a script. I am sure that it is true that a lot of escorts in London would like to promote themselves by making pornos. It is the perfect way to add porn star to your profile on the escort service website, and I do know a lot gents get turned on by dating porn stars.

Am I the only girl who has had this idea? I know that I am not, but I want to make something different, The idea is that it is going to be like a cult movie and people will start to follow the girls and boys in the video. I had the idea it would be set around a swingers club, and you get a chance to meet all of the different characters. Some of them are sexual super heroes and love to have sex in some of the most unique ways. I think the movie may be a complete hit with many of my dates, and it is the perfect way to promote my work at Notting Hill escorts.

Come and spend some time with Richmond escorts


Are you lonely in Richmond tonight? If, you are sitting alone in Richmond in London tonight, there is no need to be. I know that there are many lonely gents out there in Richmond. Let me ask you something – have you ever heard of Richmond escorts? Well, if you haven’t you are in for a real treat. We are the reason why you don’t need to sit alone tonight. Just give us a call and you can come around to our place to have some fun. If you don’t fancy visiting us, we are more than happy to come and see you at your place.


Do you know how to find us? If you don’t know anything about Richmond escorts services from, you should really check us out online before you give us a call. Our web site is really good and you will be able to take a look at our profiles. Have you ever seen so many sexy bikini babes in one place before? Now, you can really go ahead and spoil yourself and hopefully find the girl of your dreams. Rest assure that we are all super-hot and would just love to keep you company for an hour or two this evening. Would you like to come and spend some time with us?


Would you like to know a bit more about us girls here in Richmond in London? Well, in that case you need to click on the photo or the nearest link. Once you have done that you will be able to read our profile page. This is a really important page as it will give you more information about us. For instance you can read about the many different services that we provide, and you can even find out things like our bust size and other vital stats. One thing, before you book a date, make sure that you are up for some serious fun.


If you have never dated escorts before, it might be a good idea to give the reception at Richmond escorts a call. They will be able to explain to you a little bit more about us, and make sure that you are hooking up with the right. However, we don’t want you to worry about anything at all. Once you are with us here at Richmond escorts, we will take care of everything and you can focus on enjoying yourself. One thing we can promise you is that we will have some serious fun together. Would you like that?


So, what can we treat you to tonight? Perhaps you have had a very stressful week at work. We fully understand, but once you are with us here at Richmond escorts you don’t have to worry about work anymore. All of the girls here will make sure that you forget about your horrible week at work, and you will be able to relax and have some adult fun. After a couple of hours with us, you will feel totally refreshed and be able to take on the world again. If you would like to see us again, all you need to do is to give us a call…

Spending precious time with London escorts

The general impression of the porn and London escorts, wonderful escorts industry is that women are treated as commodities and not very well looked after. They are seen as porn star and sex objects, and this can be a really degrading experience for many women. London escorts often say that many people do not respect them at all, and they like to compare themselves to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Sometimes they may feel like that but isn’t the problem really just in their minds?I am a woman myself and I wonder who is kidding who here. Are women really degraded when they spend their time being London escorts, or working as porn stars? Personally, I have a higher degree and it took me a long time to get that. Many of these women earn more per year than I ever have done.When I worked in Holland for a while, I spent a lot of time interviewing London escorts and porn stars for a special project. To my surprise, I often found that they picked up a bigger pay check than I did. So, I ask myself if the porn and London escorts industry does not empower women instead.

london escorts

Girls on Top

Many London escorts and porn stars bring home huge pay checks. What so many women’s rights group forget is that this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and some people within this industry earn big money.Some London escorts that I spoke to took home very generous pay checks, and were able to live very comfortable lives. A lot of them did not stay in the industry for a very long time but instead retired early and moved on.

Girls behind the Camera

Not all bosses in the porn and London escorts industry are men. More and more women have stepped behind the camera and become successful porn movie directors in their own right. Some of them have even set up them own production companies, and many of them have improved working conditions for female porn stars. Many of these lady directors are offering porn stars hire wages and better working conditions. And who pays for all of this? The men that buy the movies, of course!

London escortsbehind the Desk

Many London escorts have also launched their own companies, and may even be found selling sexy lingerie on the Internet. Who says London escorts can’t run businesses? Business skills are often learned through hard work, and formal training has very little to do with it.Some of the most successful porn business or sex business online today are owned by former London escorts, and the shoppers are mainly men.There are even former London escorts who own call centers, and run them very well. Sexy chat lines are very popular today, and it turns out that former London escorts make some of the smartest and best operators in the business. Who use sexy chat lines, and are only too happy to hand over their credit card details? Men… who is really exploiting who?We are a bit quick to say that London escorts and porn stars are being exploited and degraded. When you look at the complete picture you find that it is the other way around, and women are in fact degrading men. Perhaps men have just become “commercial opportunities” to some women???

St Johns Wood escorts services going through tough


A couple of my friends who works for St Johns Wood escorts services from seem to be going through tough times in their relationships. Being with someone for a long time is not always easy, and being an escort does not make you a relationship expert. The St Johns Wood escorts came into see us here at the Better Sex Guide, and I have to admit that they seemed really down in the dumps. It goes without saying that we sat down for a good chat, and to see if we could help our friends from St Johns Wood. Most of the girls in the office are in long term relationships and recognize how difficult it can be.

Personally, I have been married for 14 years but my husband and I have known each other for 16 years. I told the St Johns Wood escorts that it had not always been easy, but my husband and I are both good communicators. We find it easy to talk to each other and we talk about most things on a daily basis. It does not matter if it is just a chat I told the St Johns Wood escorts, it is still talking. Last night we went to bed and spent an hour talking in bed, it was just nice. Learning to talk to each other is an important part of every relationship.

I am an individual and so is my husband. As a matter of fact, it is really important to be able to recognize and respect each other as individuals. I asked my St Johns Wood escorts friends if they recognized their partners and themselves as individuals. A lot happens when two become one but at the end of the day we are still individuals, we have different dreams and desires. You might want to go on holiday to Greece but he may want to go to Barbados – simple things like that matter I told my St Johns Wood escorts friends.

Time is an important factor as well. You need to be able to spend time with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you do just nothing as long as you have set aside some time to be together. I told my St Johns Wood escorts friends that they should try to go out with their partners more, but at the same time avoid stressful situations. Shopping together in Tesco’s in Bromley is not quality time – it can be darn right stressful. I wonder how often we spend time with our partners in stressful situations without thinking about it.

I feel really sorry for my St Johns Wood escorts friends, but learning how to live with another person is a steep learning curve. It may not happen overnight and it can take years. Patience is another important factor in every relationship and you need to have patience with each other. Once you start showing patience you will notice a lot of the other things such as communication, respect and time, will sort themselves out. I am a very patient person and don’t rush them, and I know that my husband is a very patient person as well.

Paddington escorts on top escorts

What kind of companions are you looking for tonight? Here at Paddington escorts, we can help you with many different kinds of companionship. A few years ago, gents only wanted to date on a personal basis and enjoy what I call a straight date. Things have certainly changed a lot, and you will find that many of the top escorts at Paddington escort services provide all sort of different services. Dating a personal basis is still the most popular service, but at the end of the day, the new services are not far behind.

paddington escorts


Domination is a new dating style provided by Paddington escorts. This is a dating style that used to be more popular in other places in London such as East London. However, the London escort service is rapidly changing, and now you can find domination services all over London. To be honest, if you are looking for a quality domination service, you should perhaps take a look at South London. Leading South London escort agencies such as Paddington escort services are known for the quality of the service they provide.


Duo dating was introduced from the United States about two years ago. It has just started to catch on here in London. At first In was very popular in places like Canary Wharf, but a lot of that has changed now. There are a couple of really hot bisexual ladies at Paddington escorts who specialize in providing the service in the local area. One of them is a hot blonde and the other one is a very sexy Brazilian young lady. If you are interested in the service. All you need to do is to call the agency.


Another way of meeting up with hot Paddington escorts is to use services like petite escorts, and party girls. Party girls are often outcall escorts in training. At first it did not look the service would take off in Paddington, but in recent months it has become very popular. It is aimed at younger gents who would like to go out and party. You will find that bar and pub crawls have become very popular in Paddington village. Paddington never used to be know as the party capital of London, but a lot of that has changed now. More young people have moved into town and are looking to have fun in their own personal way.


The quality of the escort services in Paddington are second to none. Many of the girls who work at Paddington escorts are top escorts who may have worked in other parts of London. The really good news is that it is not expensive to date in Paddington. You are not going to be paying the same prices as you do in places like Mayfair and Knightsbridge, but the quality of the date will be the same. Setting up a date with a hot girl in Paddington is really easy. Check out the escort agency online, and find out a little bit more about all of the exciting ladies that you can meet at the agency.


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My Fling with a London Escort

I had a fling with an escort from London escorts from, and now I don’t know what to do. She was the most stunning girls, and exactly the sort of girl that I would like to spend some time with. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that I am in love with her, and I would like to continue to see her. That may not be right as I am married, and I feel pretty upset about the entire situation.


The truth is that I am married, and leaving my wife would probably mean having to leave my home. I would not mind so much, but my wife is a very clever lady and I think that she would get a lot of the money that I made throughout the years. Having your own business is great, but it is not so great when it comes to going through a divorce. That is when you can lose a serious amount of money and spend the rest of your life making up for it.


The girl at London escorts thinks that I have a lot of money. The truth is that I do have a lot of money at the moment, but if I left my wife for the girl at London escorts, I would probably lose a lot of that money. I am not sure that I would be such an attractive proposition to my favorite girl if I lost all of money. At the moment I can really afford to spoil her but if I got a divorce, I would not be able to do so.


On top of that I am not sure how it would affect my business. The guys back at the company don’t know that I am into dating escorts, nor do they know about the fling that I have been having with the girl from London escorts. The problem with work is that my fellow directors may see me in a totally different light from what they are doing now. I could end up being the guy that they cannot trust, and they may feel that dating escorts is not the right profile for the company. It is a very tricky situation to be in, and I am not sure what I am going to do.


Yes, I would like to spend more time with the hot girl from London escorts, but at the same time, I am not sure that I am prepared to give it all up for her. Do I still love my wife? I think that I may love my wife still, but I think that I have fallen out of love with her. We both seem to have changed a lot, and sometimes I do feel that we have moved in different directions. It would be nice to start all over again, but I am not sure that is right neither. A lot of guys have done, and they have ended up regretting it. It would be a shame to throw a large part of my life away. Especially as I have worked really hard for that part of my life, and now I am somewhat comfortable.



The London Escorts experience


I spent part of my childhood in New York and now I live in London, dating London escorts. For some reason I have never been able to get close to a London girl but I have always dated London babes. There is something really special about London babes and most of the time I can’t get enough of them. I have to admit that I have a real fascination for hot London ladies and I should really try to marry one but that doesn’t seem to be happening. As a matter of fact, I am not sure I am the marrying kind as I am real travel junkie.

I have traveled a lot of the last few years and I don’t seem to be able to stop. Wherever I go I date hot Escorts in London and they all form part of my travel diary. It doesn’t matter where I am – I know that I need to find a London girl to date. Fortunately, for me there seems to be a lot of London ladies about so I am never short of London Company. However, I do have to say that there is something special about dating London ladies – just something extra about the girls that I have met in London.

Ever since selling my Internet business I have had a small base in Brixton in London. Of course, Brixton London is full of hot London escorts for me to date and that suits me fine. I am actually quite strict with my escorts. To make sure that my dating habit is not noticed too much I always just do in calls around the girl’s boudoir. You see, I have this thing about my neighbors not knowing too much about me and this is why I always keep my head down when I am in London.

When I travel to places like New York or Las Vegas, I often date London escorts out in public. These are not my home towns so I don’t really care who knows about my escort’s habit. I sold my Internet business for loads of money so I always stay in the best places. The hotels I stay in are really discreet and they don’t seem to mind so much what their top paying guests get up in their rooms. Let’s say that I have thrown some wild parties with some delicious London ladies across the world.

Do I have a fixation about dating London escorts? I suppose I do but I am not going to worry about it. I enjoy my dating experience and will carry on dating for as long as I can. There is no point in my getting a proper girlfriend. They would probably only be after my money anyway and I am not sharing with no one. Am I selfish? Yes I am very selfish but I expect to be able to meet life on my own terms. If I want to do something, I just go for it and most of the time I don’t even consider the consequences of my actions.


She is the boss

I met this really nice girl at London escorts. We started to date as companion and escort first of all, and I fell in love with her. After a couple of months, I decided to ask her if she wanted to move in with me. I really do feel strongly about her, but she has turned out to be a right pair of bossy boots. Now I do not feel in control of my own life anymore.

london escorts best babes to date

I suppose hooking up with a dominatrix from London escorts is not the best thing you can do. She still works at London escort service, and I think the problem comes from her work there. At London escort service, she is in charge all of the time and that does not help. When she comes home, she may take her dominatrix gear off but she does not change her attitude. She is the bossiest woman that I know, and I have to admit that I am sometimes a little bit scared of her. You may feel that way as well.

In many ways, I think that she can be threatening. When I first met her at London escorts, I thought it was just an act that she put on at the agency. Now I am sure that she is always like this. She can be funny at the same time, but most of the time, I start to feel like I am a naughty little school boy. Sometimes she even says things like I am going to spank you when we are out in public. People laugh at me, but I think she means it as a joke.

I have tried to talk to her about it, but she seems to think that it is normal. It could be an idea to ask her to move out of my house. I have toyed with that idea. She has her own flat, and she does short term rentals for tourist. I would feel kind of guilty if I just threw her out. Not only that, but I do know that all of the other girls at the London escorts service she works for, would be really upset with me. It is very much like I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

How I move from here I really don’t know. When she is nice, she is really nice, but when she wants to take control, she can be rather nasty to me. At the end of the day, I don’t think that our relationship has much of a future. I need to sit down and talk to her about it, but I am not sure that I have got the guts. One of my mates suggested counselling, but how do you take a dominatrix from London escorts to a counsellor. Would you say something like my dominatrix is trying to dominate me? It sounds crazy but I think that is exactly what she is trying to do. Perhaps she takes that side of her personality too seriously.

Why to Choose Escorts in Victoria ?

Victoria is the amazing place that is famous for its tourism industry. This place has everything that can allure and amaze you. Victoria is really a beautiful and happening place. There are so many places for you to visit here that can make you feel so amazed in every aspect. The Victoria bridge, Thames river, the Victoria aquarium, different kinds of churches etc are certain things in the city that can really amaze you. If you are visiting this place alone for some important thing to do then it can be really so boring to spend your time alone in such a beautiful city. The perfect solution that you have is to hire beautiful escort lady. The lovely ladies that you hire from any escort agencies can be really gorgeous and are capable of making your trip really much amazing and memorable. The Victoria escorts in that you get from the Victoria are really hot and happening that you may feel like that you are with the best kind of women. These girls are really bold and young and can make you feel like the happiest person in the whole world.

professional babes of victoria

There are various kinds of Victoria escorts available from whom you should choose the one who can provide you with the pleasure that you need. They have extremely good kind of body that can make you go crazy on them. The company that they give to you can be really so good. These escorts are the people who got trained with proper manners that they can be the best mate with you for your party so that you can feel much comfortable with her. Victoria escort girls can also accompany you when you are roaming all around Victoria so that you need not have to be alone.

The photographs that you find on the websites of the Victoria escorts can really make you allure. This is really the talent of the professional photograph to take the snaps from the right angle that every escort girl looks like the sexiest as well as most amazing girl. The lighting and the makeup is also having a greater role in making the photographs of the escorts really look much attractive. There is every possibility for you to get those kinds of pictures for you from the professional photographs. The purpose of Victoria escorts photography is to make the men attracts towards men and so it requires maximum possible exposure. Try to make the exposure come in the better as well as elegant manner so that it looks really amazing rather than weird.

There are various packages available for the Victoria escorts to choose from for making their photo session to be done in the most amazing manner so that they could get some alluring pictures to be added in their portfolio. There are wide varieties of chances for the individuals to choose the kind of package that they are interested in. The perfect kind of portfolio is capable of attracting the potential customers in a better manner. If you are having the right kind of pictures associated with your profile in any website then there at\re more chances for you to get the better number of clients. The business is important and also it requires you to invest some money which an never go futile but can make you gain more than what you get usually. The higher class escorts are part of every metropolitan city and to get yourself better attraction is something very hard to accomplish and a proper portfolio can help you in this to a certain extend.