To marry with a Bond Street Escorts is a good choice

Marrying the love of your life perhaps the beautiful feeling in the world. You have someone to help you go through your life, no matter it is hard or easy. To have someone in your life, is amazing. You have someone to be with you all the time and make you happy when you are sad. When everything falls apart, you have someone to go through with you, either bad or good. To love is the most beautiful feeling, there are things you don’t have to worry about and just go with the flow of your life. You are not afraid anymore to things that’s scares you. Your life has a purpose and you see the world as beautiful as it is. Many times you feel that you are worthless as a person but the love of your life will always value you and reminds you that you are more than enough.


I feel like being choked in the family. When you have a controlling family is not easy. Many times, they will decide for me even I am not wiling of it. I  had a complete family but it feels like I am not happy with them. They trioed to manipulate me even I am an adult. They threatened me almost in my life. I have a comfortable life which other people aim too, but the truth is, behind all those things is a man that is ungrateful. My parents never asked me what I want in life rather always told me “you will do this” “we like this for you.” It is hard to live like that, it feels like you have no one to comfort you. You have no one to comfort you when you are not strong enough to stand for yourself. Just like what my siblings,they had follow all the things that set up to them, like marrying people they don’t even know. I know it is hard for them, and experienced amiserable lfie. I don’t want to be like them and hoping that one day to escape with this life. I was send to Bond street to continue my studies. I stayed here but still monitored. I want to have a normal life but they did want me to stand in myself. I have an event in school and they book me a Bond Street Escorts from I am really amazed by her looks and good personality. She is really professional and cant help myself to fall in love with her. I keep the communication with her, she taught me to become brave enough and be myself. Because of her, I know how to stand for myself and fight for my rights. Later on, I live freely and marry a a Bond Street Escorts