Touching experience I ever had in my life

Everything under the sky cannot be represented exactly like words especially with feelings. No matter how well i try to pour my feelings into one part of the story no matter how well others try words can never be made to effectively express their feelings. Writing can be closer and better to present feelings. On the other hand dead words rarely approach real human feelings, Leyton escorts of say. Think about it everyone can feel better love than the best writer who can write about it. but in this emotional story i try everything i can at least i can convince you to tell you to understand what i feel on the day that I call the most horrible experience of my life, Leyton escorts added. The story then i was in tenth grade. Actually the lesson just started after a happy summer vacation. Priya and i are good friends actually more than that. Our parents are also friends but they only know the healthy part of our relationship, Leyton escorts added. After completing the lesson we often sit together in the park to talk. And it’s just a conversation nothing else. So we both went to our house and returned to the park to meet. Actually that day was special. I miss priya for a full 50 day break, Leyton escorts say. We must have met regularly during the holidays but we could not sit together in school for hours. As happens every day we have to spend about five hours in the park, Leyton escorts added. I tried to explore his subtle feelings for myself by asking a number of questions that had been scheduled before. What i can understand from their answers and body language is why i worked that day. I had reached the park in front of him and waited for the next 10 minutes. Believe me those 10 minutes are the longest every second to eternity. He finally arrived and wore a pink polo. Maybe he took him on vacation. It turns out that the man you crushed looks best for your eyes. i speak and he sat next to me on the bench. Do you know that he asked staring at him questioningly? But don’t say that. Should i convince you know you doesn’t he say his eyes glowing in his eyes? But you are my best friend, Leyton escorts say. I want to offer it at that time. But i want to hear what he wants to say. What he said was the worst and sad thing i could hope for. it was a song that made all my music sad after that day. He fell in love with someone a few days ago. As he said they met at cuttack when he was there for ten days during the holidays. What should i say i just nodded and tried to describe my feelings under a plastic smile? He kept writing about the boy but i could barely see and hear anything. Even though my eyes couldn’t stop tears i didn’t try to scream. i do not want to damage the happiness of my angel. thank you for never finding it, Leyton escorts added..