What I Look For.

I have learned a lot of things about myself after I joined London escorts five years ago. My personal dating criteria have changed a lot. There is no way that I would ever date a guy who I don’t have anything in common with on a personal basis. Of course, that does not apply when I work for London escorts. Instead, it is really important when I am out on my own. When I notice that I don’t have anything in common with a guy, I just ditch him right away.

It is important to have something in common with the person that you are going out with on dates. Some of the girls that I work with at our Lon escorts agency think it is all about sex. Yes, charlotte escorts want great sex together and know is an important factor but there is more to dating than good sex. Personally, I love sports and I would not dream of dating a guy who is not into sports. In general, all of the men I date on behalf of London escorts are into sports, but not all men in my private life have been into sports.

Men who are a little bit “gay” are often not into sport. That is just one of the things that I have learned during my London escorts career. Would you believe that there are still gay men who like to date London escorts to keep up the pretense of not being gay? They are seldom into sport and it is just one way you can easily spot a gay guy, Then again, I have met a couple of gay guys who have been into sport. But, that has mainly been things like figure ice skating. I would not really call that a sport, rather I would call that an art form.

Do the men I date have to be rich? They don’t necessarily have to be rich. I go out with a lot of men on London escorts business dates, so sometimes it is just nice to go out with an ordinary guy. But, I think that many girls who work for London escorts agencies do strive to meet rich men. I would not put myself in that category. Although I enjoy the company of rich men, I don’t seek them out. I have friends who hang around places where you are more likely to meet rich men. It has almost become a sport to them.

What do I look for in a man? The men I really enjoy dating are the guys who have a good sense of humour. I really love to laugh and I am fortunate enough having met plenty of fun guys. I would say that most men that I have met on London escorts dates have a good sense of humor. They sort of like to be entertained and I think that is a really big bonus. I also like a man who is confident. Men who are not confident don’t do anything for me at all. I find it hard to be around men who don’t like to have fun and find it is easy to laugh. Many girls feel like that. They do say that the way to a woman’s heart is making her laugh.